487 Amsterdam Avenue. New York, NY 10024 – – Bustan, meaning “garden” or “orchard” in Hebrew, Arabic and ancient Aramaic, blossoms with a contemporary pan-Mediterranean vibe that extends the shores of Southern Europe, Western Asian and North Africa to Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Showcasing the region’s culinary diversity, Bustan stands out in New York City’s sea of Mediterranean restaurants with our distinctive palate-enticing multicultural approach to food and drink.

That multi-cultural approach extends to the look of our intimate space that draws from a broad spectrum of Mediterranean motifs, masterfully melded to create an exuberantly energized atmosphere. One which encourages the epicurean exploration of our menus with the polished guidance of a congenial staff well-versed in the provenance of our food and beverage offerings.

Bustan realizes the vision of Proprietor Tuvia Feldman to present New Yorkers with the eclectic gastronomic style and fabled hospitality of Israel


487 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

WEBSITE: https://Bustannyc.com